Monthly Archives: August 2005

Biking & Hooping

Over on, Jay just posted photos of his new hoop rack for his bike. Take a look at the photos, and then keep reading for Jay’s description of how cheap and easy it was to build. Parts include: –…

Where to buy tubing

In the quest to make their own hoops, hoopers often find that the elusive material is tubing. Unfortunately, many hoop merchants are proprietary about their material sources, making it even more difficult to find the tubing. It’s cheap! … if…

Hooping It Up

Photo © by Scott Cohen, The Seattle Times contributor Kara Spencer has been featured in a Seattle Times fitness article, Hooping It Up. gets a mention, too … and ok, fine: so do I. The article will eventually…

A Hip Hoop-la

Femke Groen, a Canadian hooper, has written an article describing how she discovered her passion for hooping, and the spell-binding allure of the spiraling energy. Read more about it at The Globe and Mail.

Commercial polyethylene hoops

Think us underground hoop makers are the only ones using polyethylene for hoops? Think again. Cosom Sporting Goods sells colorful Safe-T-Play Hoops in different sizes made out of “high quality polyethylene.”