Monthly Archives: May 2005

Hip Hoops

Our beloved gets a mention in The Daily, the newspaper of the University of Washington in Seattle. The article “Hip Ways to Tone Hips” says:
If the gym is not your style, there is another way to get a core work out. Hula-hooping, an activity adored by children, is now good for you as the hottest new fitness trend.
Before you go searching through the attic for your old hula-hoop, keep in mind that hula-hoops showing up at the gym this spring are “heavy hoops,” which weigh between 3 and 5 pounds. Hula-hooping is a great core work out, even targeting those pesky love handles, according to

Ocean Hooping

Oh my gosh, is it video week here on or what!? Here’s a great little video of a little girl with a big hoop. Her name is Ocean and she lives in Seattle. Be sure to watch for her little dance at the end. Thanks to Rob for the video!

Getting It Up

At the request of a new hooper over on, I made a little video with a few of my favorite techniques for moving a hoop up your body (from waist to neck or overhead hand). Naturally, it’s titled “Getting It Up” and it’s a very low budget affair made in my backyard. There’s no sound, so you’ll have to excuse my ridiculous sign language.

Living Room Hooping

I was cleaning up my hard drive recently and found a hooping video I made six months ago. It’s nothing fancy (just me hooping in my old living room), but I always wish there were more hooping videos out there, and it would be hypocritical then not to share mine.

(Originally a 1.6mb .wmv file hosted on, this video was uploaded to Vimeo, July, 2010.)