Month: April 2005

Personal Hoop Renaissance

With the onset of Spring comes longer days, sunny afternoons and hooping outside. It has been so beautiful, that I’ve hooped more in the last few weeks than I have in the last few months! I have a case of…

Illuminated Hoops!

Finally, someone is manufacturing illuminated blinking glowing hoops with LED lights! Check out The prices aren’t cheap, but this is certainly something the hoop community has been wanting — demand, meet supply: Thanks to Christabel for the heads-up

Hoops & Curves

Michael Moschen is an astounding juggler and performance artist, and he has an online video with incredible hoop isolations. Click on this link to watch the movie Curves.

Hoop DVD’s

Hoopdance is one of those things that has to be seen (and experienced) to be truly understood. I love looking at pics of people hooping, but it’s when I see a hoopdancer live, or watch a video, that I am…

Hooping in Portland

Check out this awesome article about hooping in the Portland Tribune! It focuses on a class Kandice taught in Portland recently, and gets a shout-out!

Whistler Hoopers

Jay recently posted about finding a photo of two hoopers in a travel magazine. Read his post. Anyone recognize these folks?

Hooper kiss

Almost every week at hooping I see big hoop hugs where two people carrying hoops hug each other, creating a tangle of body parts and hoops. Here is a photo of a similar, more intimate hoop connection, taken by James…

New hoop shots

Here’s a couple new shots from the gallery: Seattle San Francisco To add your shots in the gallery, just upload them to Flickr and tag them “hoopgallery”!