Monthly Archives: April 2005

Personal Hoop Renaissance

With the onset of Spring comes longer days, sunny afternoons and hooping outside. It has been so beautiful, that I’ve hooped more in the last few weeks than I have in the last few months! I have a case of hooping fever; I dream about it at night, I can’t wait to get off work to go to the park and I’m boring all my non-hooping friends with my obsession.
I’ve been hooping for almost 2 years and I’ve noticed that my desire, interest and skill improvement comes in waves. Part of it is the season; just being able to be barefoot and wear light clothing is a welcome change from heavy winter garb. There is more to it, though; what is it that causes a hoop evolution?
Open space is a part of it; I don’t have the luxury of a large indoor space to practice, so I’m stuck in my living room. It’s hard to really let loose or try something new if you’re worried about knocking over a lamp or if you keep hitting the couch. There is a sense of liberation that comes with hooping outside. I notice my movements become more fluid and my style more expressive. There is also the added bonus of being able to toss the hoop high into the air.
Another aspect is time; some tricks have eluded me forever. It’s strange how you can be working on something new for so long with no improvement and then *pow* one day it just happens naturally or by accident. I think that the learning curve for hooping in not so much a steady incline, but a series of steep climbs with long plateaus in between. Certain skills are built upon others and you must master the prerequisites before gaining an understanding of more complicated movements. It can be frustrating, but the joy of finally discovering the key to a new trick is exhilarating and delightfully rewarding.
A big component of my newfound hoop addiction is inspiration. Watching others that are better than you or have a different style can give you the boost you need to expand your repertoire. Everyone’s body is different and people’s hoops styles vary so much that two people may do the same trick with varied movements, giving new perspectives on a trick you might be struggling with. There are many places that I derive inspiration from – hooping with others, asking for tips from friends, seeing a performance or catching a video online. One particularly inspiring video is the new GrooveHoops Style Reel that just seemed to pop up online recently. There are also many others in the archives.
So I’d like to encourage all the fabulous hoopers out there to go outside with your hoops and your friends and spread the hoop fever in any way you can. Don’t despair if a certain trick is eluding you, take a break or try something else for a while, you’ll get it eventually. And check out the great videos out there for new ideas, or make some of your own to share!

Illuminated Hoops!

Finally, someone is manufacturing illuminated blinking glowing hoops with LED lights! Check out The prices aren’t cheap, but this is certainly something the hoop community has been wanting — demand, meet supply:

Thanks to Christabel for the heads-up

Hoop DVD’s

Hoopdance is one of those things that has to be seen (and experienced) to be truly understood. I love looking at pics of people hooping, but it’s when I see a hoopdancer live, or watch a video, that I am mesmorized by the dance. I love the hoop videos that are available online, and always wish they are longer. That is why I am excited about the new hoop dvd’s that are being produced.
Anah and Christabel have a Satori DVD of their hoopdance performance duo available. Betty Hoops now has available her first instructional hoop video Yoga Hoop Dance. More instructional hoop dvd’s are rumored to be in the works with DanceHoops, LingaLonga Hoops, and Hip Happening Hoops. Then there is the upcoming hoop dance documentary Hulatopia, which sounds very exciting.
As videos and dvd’s of hoopdance permeate the arts, dance, health, and fitness worlds, then our hoop community becomes greater and more diverse.

Hooper kiss

Almost every week at hooping I see big hoop hugs where two people carrying hoops hug each other, creating a tangle of body parts and hoops. Here is a photo of a similar, more intimate hoop connection, taken by James Home at a party in San Francisco last weekend.