Monthly Archives: March 2005

Coke C2 commercial

As some of you know, Hoop Revolution Anah starred in a Coke C2 commercial last year. Since I don’t have a TV I hadn’t seen the commercial yet but I was able to track it down online. If you go… mentions

An article on mentions and lists hooping as one of the “six hottest new workouts.” Also – and forgive my facetiousness – did you know that you can “get creative and twirl the hoop around your arm”?

Hula your way to flat abs

The Jamaica Observer wants you to know you can hula your way to flat abs. “If you are looking for that elusive six pack then its time to take the phrase Once a Man, Twice a Child to heart or,… Gallery

Perhaps you noticed that the gallery has moved! It’s easier than ever to post a photo in the gallery. All you need to do is sign up for an account at flickr, upload your photos using one of their…

Hoop Centering

Dancing with the hoop facilitates centering, for when one hoops, one is always at the center of the dance. Centering is a practice of finding the place of power, strength, and balance within oneself. Life is change and motion for…

Taping Techniques has a great discussion about techniques for taping hoops. Here a few key tips lifted from the discussion: • the narrower the tape is the easier it is. for my base layer in particular i use really thin strips…