Forums Closed

The forums were hacked recently, and this sadly sounds the death knell for the message boards. We don’t have the time or skills to fix the forums, and so we’ve elected to shut them down. We regret having to do this, but when folks maliciously hacked into our message board, they sort of made the decision for us.

We highly recommend y’all check out the very active hoop discussions happening over at

5 thoughts on “Forums Closed

  1. whoa.. hacked? excuse my ignorance but what does soemone have to gain from hacking your discussion boards?

  2. The hackers were trying to promote their own forums, it seems. Their hack didn’t really work on that level, but it did succeed in messing up our board.

  3. An automated script prepended several links to other comprimised systems. Those sites have shut down but it left with a mess….the only fix would be editing every page running the forums or restoring from a backup.

  4. It’s a shame the forums have to close. They were so easy to navigate! And right before hooping was advertised in Dance Spirit…

  5. Even if the forum discussions weren’t always active, they were a great source of information. Can we move that content elsewhere. Or archive it? Keep up the great work Ariel. We love (and you)!

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