Monthly Archives: December 2004

Huge hoop at university in Germany

I just got back from a trip to Germany to visit my family, and my brother took me to a building at his university, the university of Münster. A huge hoop is leaning against the building. He had told me about this thing before and now I finally got to see it for myself. It might very well be supposed to be a hula hoop since my brother mentioned he thinks that this building houses the sports faculty…


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One of the most expensive components of hoop-making is the tape. Good tapes cost a fair amount, especially if you get into sparkly, prismatic, or hologram specialty tapes.
In an effort to tackle these costs, we’ve worked out a deal with Karl from readers can get 15% off orders of $100 or more! (This is their customary 10% off for orders over $100, plus an additional 5% for readers.) When place your order online, just be sure to include the words “hula hula” in the comment box, which will give you a total of 15% off your $100+ order.
Karl also told us that the company is gradually converting their decorative tape rolls from 25 feet long to 33 feet — for the same price. He reports that hoopers were a big part of the decision since, “We figured that size should be enough to do two complete hoops, whereas the 25-foot length seemed to be a bit short for two.” We hope that more tape manufacturers will follow Karl’s lead and see that they’ve got a great market in hoop-makers!