Hooping with the Scissor Sisters

scissor sisters hooper

A couple days ago on Queer Day I told readers about the new Scissor Sisters video that John Cameron Mitchell was directing filled with downtown denizens and Facts of Life star Charlotte Rae. Well, John Cameron Mitchell sent Mickey Cotrell, a friend of the WOW Report, the uncensored, bound-to-be-banned dirty version of “Filthy/Gorgeous” and asked Mickey to send it on to his friends and so they’re sending it out to you and so on and so on and so on. Here’s a clip that grooves along and then wow, who is this amazing gold hoola-hooper? Go get a taste of what you won’t be seeing on MTV. WOW Report (not really safe for work)

14 thoughts on “Hooping with the Scissor Sisters

  1. Morning Display of Words

    Reading through My Bloglines this morning I came across these interesting things: From Electrolicious, 2004’s Scariest Halloween costumes… both disturbing and hillarious! From Hooping.org, the Scissor Sisters and the WOW Report. Nice to wake up to so…

  2. Given the director, maybe ya’ll should be looking for who “he” is. Either way, I wanna see the whole video. It’s HOT!!

  3. Yes that is Mister Karis. He was in town a few weeks ago to shoot this video from what I saw it looks amazing….where can I get the full version?

  4. Notice I left gender entirely out of the equation. Hehehe. I also had a hunch it was Karis since he’s one of the few names I haven’t seen hoop. I even missed him last time Mutaytor was in town too.

  5. When I said “She” I meant it in the queer-positive way, ie “Someone should tell George that her transmitter box is TOTALLY showing under her jacket.”

  6. Damn, they took it down before I could see it! Aaagh! If anyone has a copy they want to share, email me. 🙂

  7. I couldn’t open the link to the video HOWEVER, I met this guy last month on the subway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who was carrying a HOOP. He said he was in town from SF to shoot a Scissor Sisters video. He told me his name, but it was a name I couldn’t remember. He was a hottie. Slight, dark and androgenous. Does that help? Can someone send me the link to the video? thanks Ruby

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