Hooping Binder!

I swung by Office Depot today to grab some ink, and low and behold, look at what I found! A bright orange hooper 3-ring binder…and for only $1! Amazing. Since when did Office Depot get so cool?


5 thoughts on “Hooping Binder!

  1. I think they have a whole line of hooping stuff now.. I bought a spiral notebook with the same hoop design for 50cents!! Might have to pick up that folder too!

  2. me too! i’d be willing to pay extra for your effort and of course shipping. it’s perfect for organizing a hoop group.

  3. Maybe try calling around to different locations. I’m betting you could
    even call the one I went to and they could ship it to you.
    (206) 527-3220

  4. or officedepot.com probably has them, although a quick search didn’t turn them up – do you have the item / PLU # from the tag?? so cool!!!!

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