Monthly Archives: August 2004

More hooping in commercials

I just received an email from a reader whose six-year-old niece did a commercial for Clarkes shoes in the UK. The commercial involves a lot of hooping. It shows Ruby hooping while eating, watching television, talking on the phone, etc.
Ruby’s family has posted the video on their website. You can also read more about the shoe company and the commercial here.

Ruby Mae Scott

Speaking of commercials: A Yoplait commercial is currently being aired which also features somebody hooping. I haven’t been able to find the video online, but the Yoplait website has a picture of a hooper on it.

Workshop Hooping Vid

Lisa Browning just sent me a link to this long fun video of some of the Good Vibe Hoop Tribe mamas hooping it up at a workshop (I assume in Los Angeles?). The video file is almost 10MB, so it’s probably only worth watching if you’ve got high-speed internet access. If you’ve got the internet speed to deal with it, you’ll be treated to five minutes of tricks and smooth hooping action!
Click here to watch Christbel, Anah and Sass hoop!

…And the bride wore a hoop

So, I got married last weekend. And of course there were hoops invovled! In fact, the only theme our wedding had (it was pretty casual) was circles…and everyone knows that hoops are just circles you can toss around your hips. We said our vows in front of a hoop altar, my mother in law and her partner hooped at dinner, and during the dance reception part of the evening, there were at least a dozen hoops going simultaneously. We even used hoops as decorations!
A very special thanks to’s own Kara from Mandala Hoops for providing all the hoops we played with! (The hoop altar was made by a bamboo artist named Ilgvar.)
Folks LOVED the hoops, and I highly recommend having them at your next family gathering. People who don’t feel comfortable enough to dance can still get into the swing of things with a hoop.
Oh, and one last hoop shot from the wedding:

Vancouver Hoop Group

Here in East Vancouver, at Trout Lake Park, there is a group of (mostly) poi-people that meets Wednesday nights. Several weeks ago, Brendan suggested that we as hoopers should start gathering in the park on the same night, a little earlier, and see if we can get a Hoop Group going.
So I showed up last night with three hoops, after telling a few people about the plan. A small gathering, to be sure, but my friend Doug showed up (I have to put a plug in here for Doug, who wins the prize for hardest-core hula-evangelist — he gave his favorite hoop to his dentist office yesterday(!!), and has sent dozens of happy homemade hoops off into the world), and we met another couple of girls who hoop as well as spin poi, and a couple of people tried hooping for the first time…
So anyone from Vancouver reading this, come on out! Wednesday nights, 8pm, Trout Lake Park, north end. Hoop on.

Kinesthetic activism

My friend Scott, the venerable Planttrees, called me a kinesthetic activist last night. He said that I make people move their bodies by bringing hoops whenever I go out. I have never thought of myself as much of an activist, but I like the idea of hooping causing reform.
This has nothing to do with hooping, but here is another great Scott quote: When I asked him if I could quote him on he said “Yes, please. Everything I say or do is open source.”

The Baryshnikov

It’s been a long time since anyone posted a video, so here is Seattle Hooper Andreas doing a trick we call “The Baryshnikov.” He’d been drinking a little too much to execute the landing perfectly (and please ignore my drunken hollaring in the background), but you get the idea. This is a 2.25 MB .avi file. You’ll need to save it to your computer and watch it there. It may only be available for a limited time, as it eats up a lot of server space.

(UPDATE JULY 2010: This file, previously hosted on’s server, has been uploaded to Vimeo.)