Hooping naked

I recently hooped naked for the first time. I was hanging out at Baker Beach with some friends and some hoops, and since Baker Beach is a nude beach it made sense for us to hoop naked.

Besides the obvious feelings of freedom and unrestraint, naked hooping brings with it another benefit: the traction of the skin. When hooping with my knees, I was never very good at pushing the hoop back up to my hips with my thighs. But the traction of my naked skin made it very easy for me to wiggle the hoop up from my knees.

After the naked hooping practice it has been much easier for me to bring the hoop up from my knees, even with clothes on. The nudity has served as my training wheels.

5 thoughts on “Hooping naked

  1. I always tell my student to hoop at home naked it is wonderful to work with the hoop on the flesh…thats another reason why hooping is always better in the warmer months…less clothing=more traction!

  2. I love hooping naked, but watch out if you have any piercings. Also, we have an outdoor shower at my house, and I’m able to hoop naked in the shower!!

  3. Oh yes, I discovered this too… also it just feels better. Can’t wait for BM to be “allowed” to do this freely in public…

  4. YEAh! Hooping Naked is a blast! I did it a couple of years ago at String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout in Oregon. There was a whole Naked Hooping movement getting underway there, and it was quite liberating! Haven’t been in that kind of situation much since then, unfortunately… besides at home, of course… 🙂

  5. Naked hooping (sometimes even naked fire-hooping) is a popular activity up at Hollyhock, a retreat centre on Cortes Island, BC, where the organization I work for holds workshops. We make up a big batch of hoops each time we’re there, and naked hooping under the stars inevitably follows the naked hot-tubbing. One of the first times I ever hooped was naked under a full moon… It’s so beautiful to watch your own naked shadow, cast by moonlight, swinging around a hulahoop!

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