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Philipp Klumpp is a German hula-hooping acrobat and his website Tigris demonstrates that he has some outstanding moves. There are photos on the website of Philipp hooping with multiple hoops, doing some fancy foot hooping, and performing some acrobatic hoop stunts.

The Business of Hooping & Jealousy

Something can happen when you make your love of hoops your business … or at least it did to me. When I first started hooping it was sheer joy, play, adrenaline and juice. After jumping into the business side of things, however, I felt this deep-seated *competition* to produce hoops, in larger numbers, newer colors, to sell at more festivals, teach more classes. I felt driven to create a great website and then six months later I felt critical of my work and when I compared mine to other hoopsites. I started watching as other hoopers trademarked words I had written pages about in my journal with the intent of publishing on.
This ugly little green monster emerged which felt threatened by the success of others. Meditation and spiritual work has helped me tame this bizarre energy and comeinto a serene place, but it still occasionally does come up. What to do? Aside from hooping, which can change my energy instantly, here are the mental tools I use to come back into balance:
1. I find that asking myself, “if the Buddha was a hula hooper…how would he feel about this?” always puts me back into my humble little shoes. Would the Buddha become agitated that someone else was teaching hooping? The idea is so hilarious that it instantly wakes me up into awareness. Of course he would be happy and give thanks that more people are hooping!
2. I use affirmations like “I celebrate the success of others”, “there is an infinite wellspring of abundance, enough for everybody”, “I applaud other people’s successes because the point the way to my own” (Thanks Louise Hay and Chellie Campbell)
3. I remember that I always have a choice to be intimidated or inspired. Being intimidated closes me down, being inspired opens me up to being grateful and gives me energy to manifest my own success.
4. I remember that none of us are really “selling” anything that is new. The only thing we are really offering is love. Often we are selling something about our own energy/dance style/or something which reflects something people have within themselves already and want to express more fully.
5. I remember that what anyone else does is none of my business! My business is being as clear, open, positive and receptive to life as possible and doing the work I feel divinely called to do. It is not my business to waste time analyzing what other people are divinely called to do — If I am, I am slacking on my own life mission.
6. I spend time doing chakra visualizations, such as Doreen Virtue’s audio tape “Chakra Clearing” and especially spend time on my sacral (boosting my sense of abundance, self-worth and divine right to pleasure), heart (amplifying love, gratitude, thanksgiving, playfulness and trust), third eye (seeing the divine plan of how my mission is connected to the world) and crown (remembering I am part of the same indivisible life force as everyone else and here to serve).
7. I use Tonglen meditation technique: breathing in the feeling of “jealousy” (or whatever difficult emotion I have) and as I breathe in I consciously breathe it in on behalf of everyone in the world who feels it. When I breathe out, I breathe out the remedy on behalf of the healing of all those people– “gratitude for the infinite abundance of the world”. In this way I can really fully feel these difficult emotions and create compassion for others who feel the same way.
8. I remember that hooping is a yoga (in that it creates a union, or yokes together things that previously seemed separate) and that there are a zillion yoga teachers and versions of yoga taught everywhere, many with exact overlap in material .. but few yoga teachers trying to “own” that material.
9. I reflect on how amazing it is that so many people are drawn to this amazingly joy-generating tool for transformation and remember that every person I take notice of is am amazing friend waiting to happen! Love is really all that matters…
I would love to hear from others who may have experienced challenges merging love and business and who have effective and insightful ways of handling it. Here’s to being human!

The Acu Hoop

A coworker of mine told me that the gym she goes to has this heavy, wavy hoop. She found the hoop online and sent me the link. Be sure to turn off your speakers before clicking on the link in case you are easily annoyed by websites that are accompanied by music without an option to switch it off.
My coworker told me that because of the waves cut into the hoop, it goes “clack, clack, clack, clack” as it rotates around you. From the FAQ, here is the rationale behind the waves:

The wavy design makes user swing up the hoop easier and stay much longer than traditional hula-hoop. The wave also works like fingers massaging your waist while you using it.

The site also has a link to some hooping videos. Hooping videos are always fun! But again, beware of the unstoppable music.