Monthly Archives: December 2003

Solstice at Cellspace

bah at cellspace

Bay Area Hoopers moved indoors today for our first hoop event at Cellspace and it totally ruled to be hooping with new and old friends. About a dozen hoopers showed up for the first event of the rainy season that Vera put together. The space couldn’t be any more perfect really. Amazingly high ceilings for hoop tossing. Lazy sofas to take breaks on, and it’s great to take our community building project into a truly community building space. Chloe from New Orleans, who will be joining the contributors next year, was in town for the holidays. Soleil made her first appearance. There are more photos in the Bay Area Hoopers gallery. It was the perfect way to spend Winter Solstice. We’ll be doing it next weekend on Saturday from 2 to 4. Hope to see you there.

In a Spin…

Christabel, of Circus Hoops and the Good Vibe Hoop Tribe, was featured in a recent edition of the Santa Monica Sun for her hoop dance and fitness classes.
“Hooping is a spiritual dance phenomenon which is breaking out from the underground and into our gyms. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will—some prophesize it could be the fitness trend of 2004.”

BAH indoor hoop space

hoopsRemember the summer when we hooped every Sunday in the park? Don’t you miss it? Don’t you wish you could still hoop even though it has gotten cold and rainy?
If you’re in the Bay Area, you’re in luck because BAH has just secured an indoor hoop space until the end of January! Starting this Sunday, we will be hooping at CELLspace every week. If you haven’t hooped in a while because of the weather, that obstacle has now been removed. After a long search, we at BAH are super excited to have found CELLspace, which is perfect for hooping – we know because we have been to parties there! Check the calendar for more info, and come out this Sunday!

Curry Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops are the name of a snack food in England. They are a ring-shaped, crunchy, potato-based snack in such lovely flavors as: beef, prawn, barbeque, cheese toastie, beef and mustard, chili, curry, and sizzling bacon. Mmm…if only the British had made Marmite Hula Hoops.
The Hula Hoops website is truly bizarre, with amusements such as: Punch the Hula Hoop, Crop Hoops From Outer Space, and Steve’s Death By Hamster Nightmare.



While Winter in the Bay Area may seem like nothing to complain about, at least compared to some of your more frigid temperatures, it has been very cold here lately by Northern California standards. For the past two weekends, for the first time since Bay Area Hoopers started, there have not been any hoop gatherings or events. Seeing as we have yet to find an indoor space, and being that I’ve been bundled up in sweaters, hats and scarves, I can’t say I’ve been too disappointed. This picture of Luther the crazed trick poodle, taken at Dolores Park while Sunset hooping one Friday night this summer, reminded me of the joyous times spent hooping this summer. I’ve been hooping it up here in my room (note: the hoop can’t go below my waist or it will hit my bed or coffee table), but somehow it’s just not cutting it.

Web animations

hoop loop

Lately it seems I’ve been running into hooping animations more and more online. America Online even has a hula hooper icon for your instant messenging needs. The image shown here has been making an appearance at the WKen Show for awhile now. I even spotted another one today on this cheesey site. And there’s a tiger hooping it up on another site over here.