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Models with Hoops

We are seeing more and more hoops being used as props in fashion modeling.
Kayo Mitsuyama of Kayo Anime Street Wear has used a hoop as a weapon in a fashion show, featured alongside my favorite new hoop quote:

she is from hoop planet where everything is hooped and nobody is square

This page has another picture of the same hooper model.
Silver Lucy, a San Francisco clothing designer, also uses a hoop in one of the fashion photos on her site.
We have known it all along: Hoops are in style.

A trick for the holidays

I have a new trick for you to work on over the holidays. It’s fun and really works out your leg muscles.
Rotation around the ankle
You start out by hand-hooping on your side. Then you stick in one of your feet. When you feel the hoop touching your leg, let go of the hoop with your hand. In order to keep the hoop going, you will need to lift your leg up and down to propel the hoop around your ankle. In the beginning, try just doing one rotation on your ankle and then pick up the hoop with your hand again and continue hand-hooping. After you have a good handle on that, you can try multiple rotations on your ankle before passing the hoop back to your hand.
Note that you can do this in front of you or behind you. With my left leg I tend to stick it out behind me and then put the hoop on it, but you can go either way with each leg. Prepare yourself for some sore thighs, but it really is very rewarding once you have it working smoothly.
To kick it up a notch: While the hoop is on of your legs, do a kung fu-like move that will leave the hoop on your OTHER leg! I haven’t done that, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Big in Taiwan

A friend of mine moved to Taiwan recently, and reports that the park nearest his home in Taipei features “public hoops” set out along the walking paths. Folks walking or jogging by will stop and hoop as part of their exercise regimen. So if you don’t want people looking at you funny when you hoop in the park…Taiwan’s your place!
From the Taipei Times newspaper, I see that Lori Lynn Lomeli chose to go to Taiwan in 2001 to break her own hooping record by spinning 83 hoops simultaneously. (The record now stands at 95, for those keeping track.) In other Guinness news, this piece announces an attmept to break another hooping record in Taiwan by getting 2,500 people all hooping at the same time. They ended up with 2,290…and got the record.
And just in case you need further confirmation that hooping has achieved critical mass in Taiwan, have a look at this photo of Taipei’s mayor deftly spinning two hoops. Also note that these look a lot like the large homemade hoops we use here in the US!
Reader challenge: If you can get a prominent public offical to hoop – send us a photo!

Hoop Supplies

Need a cart specifically designed for hoops? Or a bag for your non-collapsables? What about a foam hoop holder? Or a “no kink hoop”? (Aww, what’s the fun in that?) The Shape Up Shop has all these things and other strange hoop accessories you didn’t know existed.

Cartwheel hooping

This week, BAH started experimenting with cartwheels while hooping. Jason, always one to wiggle and stretch, started the trend by first doing hoopless carthweels. I then did some pseudo cartwheel hooping by letting go off the hoop just as I put my hands on the ground to start the cartwheel. The effect was that while I did the cartwheel, the hoop rolled alongside of me and into the distance. It was a fun trick, but one that interrupted the flow of hooping because of course the hoop was long gone by the time I was back on my feet after the cartwheel.
Jason then came up with an even better idea for carthwheel hooping. He held the hoop with the hand that touches down first, then bent down and trapped the hoop under his hand on the ground. That way the hoop stayed with him during the cartwheel and he was able to continue hooping afterwards.
Below is a picture of me doing Jason’s cartwheel hoop trick, courtesy of Philo.

Side note: This is the 100th entry on! I look forward to the next 100.

Trick Credit

Let’s be honest: for some of us, part of the fun of hooping is that show off-y treat of pulling off a really great trick and having it be appreciated. It’s exciting and exhilarating to execute a fancy move, and enjoy the oohs and ahhs of those around you.
Something a lot of us at try to do is what we call Trick Credit. It’s a simple way of sharing that individual hooper glory with the larger hooping community.
Vera touches on the concept of Trick Credit in this post, where she mentions watching tricks get passed around the Bay Area hooping community.
Personally, I’m terrible at inventing tricks and prefer to pick up techniques from others. Maybe it’s for this reason that I always feel some sort of strange guilt for compliments I receive when doing a trick that I learned from someone else. Whatever the reason, this guilt has inspired me to give credit where it’s due. I’m always saying things like “Liked that one? I learned that from Christabel down in LA,” or “Yeah, I learned that trick from my friend Tim who’d only been hooping for a few weeks! He’s amazing!”
Trick Credit a nice way to share the glory and exhilaration of being a trick hooper with the larger community, and also a way to share with others that part of the joy of hooping is the interconnectedness of hoopers … we learn from each other, and inspire one another to grow and play with our hoops in different ways. By verbally calling each other out when compliments fly, each of us is putting that appreciation back out into the world…where it can only multiply!