Month: November 2003

Models with Hoops

We are seeing more and more hoops being used as props in fashion modeling. Kayo Mitsuyama of Kayo Anime Street Wear has used a hoop as a weapon in a fashion show, featured alongside my favorite new hoop quote: she is from hoop planet where everything is hooped and nobody is square This page has…

A trick for the holidays

I have a new trick for you to work on over the holidays. It's fun and really works out your leg muscles. You start out by hand-hooping on your side. Then you stick in one of your feet. When you feel the hoop touching your leg, let go of the hoop with your hand. In…

Big in Taiwan

A friend of mine moved to Taiwan recently, and reports that the park nearest his home in Taipei features "public hoops" set out along the walking paths. Folks walking or jogging by will stop and hoop as part of their exercise regimen. So if you don't want people looking at you funny when you hoop…

Hoop For Peace Month

From Glace: NPR's Only A Game show did a lighthearted segment on Betty Hoops' "Hoop For Peace Month." Listen to the segment here.

New Fire Hoop Available

A performer named Tabasco has developed a new, safe, fully collapsable fire hoop design. Check it out over here.

Hoop Supplies

Need a cart specifically designed for hoops? Or a bag for your non-collapsables? What about a foam hoop holder? Or a "no kink hoop"? (Aww, what's the fun in that?) The Shape Up Shop has all these things and other strange hoop accessories you didn't know existed.

Cartwheel hooping

This week, BAH started experimenting with cartwheels while hooping. Jason, always one to wiggle and stretch, started the trend by first doing hoopless carthweels. I then did some pseudo cartwheel hooping by letting go off the hoop just as I put my hands on the ground to start the cartwheel. The effect was that while…

Trick Credit

Let's be honest: for some of us, part of the fun of hooping is that show off-y treat of pulling off a really great trick and having it be appreciated. It's exciting and exhilarating to execute a fancy move, and enjoy the oohs and ahhs of those around you. Something a lot of us at…

Seattle Monday Group Hoop: It’s on!

Starting Monday, November 17th, there will be a weekly group hoop at The Hall (14th & Fir) in Seattle. For more information, check the forums or the calendar. Hope to see you and your hips there!