Monthly Archives: September 2003


I was trying to explain to a friend how hard it is, once you’re used to dancing with a hoop, to go back to dancing with just your body. The best comparison I could come up with is that it’s… in Australian Media

Looks like we’ve hit the big time, making the news in Australia, of all places! Read the little article: Hoop dreams – (Note to the author: not all of us are from San Francisco!)

Here’s To The Ridiculous

United States, Jackson Hole – “Hula hooping has replaced hacky sack at the festival. I guess that’s because its easier to get a groove on with a hula hoop. That is unless you’re a guy. Then you just look ridiculous.”…

Hooper Shopaholic

Ok, I admit it. I just had a moment of impulse buying and purchased this hooper tote bag. It’s so cute! Thanks to Valerie for the heads up.

Guerilla Hooping

Kara, a hooper from Seattle, has started doing something she calls Guerilla Hooping, which includes “Guerrilla Hooper Takeover of Urban Traffic Centers” and “Guerrilla Baptisms of Public Buildings, Art, and Structures.”

Hooping in Berkeley

Bay Area Hoopers gathered at Martin Luther King Park in Berkeley today. It turned out the Thai Music and Crafts Festival was gathering there as well. The soundtrack of the day proved interesting with the occasional Thai vocalist making an…

Unidentified Hooping Object

So, I was looking through a gallery of Burning Man photos, and I found this beautiful one of an unidentified hooper. Anyone know who she is? It’s a gorgeous shot. (PS: Seen any other “mystery hooper” shots from Burning Man?)…