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As many of you probably know, Jason has some fabulous instructions on how to make your own hoops. You may also know that it can be impossible to find the necessary tubing. I know that both Amy and Ariel have looked all over Northern and Southern California within the last six months and simply couldn’t find it anywhere. But recently some people have been more successful. Paisley the other day reported on the forums that she found the tubing at Lowe’s. Then, just yesterday, Kate mentioned in her blog that she found all the supplies at Home Depot and has crafted her first hoop! This makes me wonder if right now might not be the perfect season for the particular irrigation tubing that Jason recommends for hoop making. Perhaps a visit to my neighborhood Home Depot is in order.

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  1. I picked up 300 feet of the tubing and all of the other supplies at Home Depot. It was the first place I checked and I am so glad I did. I convinced my mom that making hoops would be great as a birthday present for me. She was hesitant at first but now she macks three hoops at once and could not be happier!

  2. i found all my supplies in earily spring but i am in florida so it may just be differance in area also ..
    it is awesome to have all the hoops you would like right in your gasp .. just cut to size, connect the ends and tape 🙂

  3. The tubing I bought at Home Depot was in a 100′ pre-cut roll. They also had 300′ rolls and could cut custom lengths. No matter how much you bought, the 1″ diameter tubing was 19 cents/foot. They also had 3/4″ tubing.

  4. Yeah – it took me FOREVER – to find 1 inch in only 100 ft roll! Home Depot only had 300ft- ended up going to Lowe’s – which I hate b/c the people are so mean at the one by me!! But it was Ok, I took revenge and sat right down with a cutter and cut all my hoops- now was that an obstacle trying to carry it all out of the store!

  5. I also checked with my local hardware store to see if they had any tubing. Although they did not carry it, they were more than happy to order it, and internal connectors too. Now I just need to walk 5 blocks to get my tubing. It’s worth an ask!

  6. Hey…I’m am a little confused…Every where I go to get tubing i always ask for the 160 psi tubing. So they tell me that its all the same its just the temp. of the water that makes the difference. So please let me know what I need to say to them to let them know that I want the heavier 160 PSI….thanks and if anyone could it it would be a big help…

  7. I couldn’t find the type of black tubing. I called Lowes and they said they had it but I could find it. I found a different type of tubing though. Its red and a little lighter than I expected. the PSI was unclear because it was marked for different temps. I unraveled it to see how easy it would bend. It seemed bendy enough so I bought it and it works just fine. The hoops are light (pre-taping) It was $45 for 100ft. Considering I spent that on my first hoop, I didn’t really care, it came out to be about $7.50 per hoop. Not bad.

  8. Hey, I have been given 100 metres of 25mm,( 1 inch)irrigation tubing.Its purple.not sure of psi….quite 1 inch too big?for kids 6 and up to age 16?

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