Month: June 2003

A National Hoop Dance Convention Proposal


An idea that's being bantied about in the hoop community is to have a National Hoop Dance Convention and here is a proposal from Christabel and Kandice about what that could look like. THEME - Hoop for Peace!: Moving from Local Projects to a National Network Proposal by Christabel Zamore and Kandice Bishop Mission Statement:…

Collapsible Hula Hoops vs. Standard

Collapsable 002

There's been a lot of buzz in the hooper community about collapsible hoops — hoops that are actually four or six segments connected by a ring of bungee cord inside. They're similar to tent poles, with the bungee cord helping to snap the segments into place. With all the buzz, the question remains: how does…

Hooping Injuries

Hoop Injuries 101

Recently, the Hoop Loop discussion list exchanged thoughts and ideas about how to deal with hooping injuries (back pain, bruises, etc). Christabel from Circus Hoops had some great perspectives: As most have, i also experienced the big black and blue pelvic brusies and achey hip joints during my initial hooping days. My successful hoop injury…