Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

images You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, and if you don’t see it here just ask.

Q: What is hooping? A: Introduction to hooping.

Q: How do you learn to hula hoop? A: How to hula hoop.

Q: How do you make a hula hoop? A: Find out here.

Q: Where can I find an adult-size hoop near me? A: Our advertisers will ship hoops pretty much anywhere, but if you want some help finding the hoop business nearest you send us an email. We know most everybody out there.

Q: How do I start a hoop group in my area? A: If you’ve checked and there isn’t one near you to join, or you just want to start another one anyway, this will help you out.

Q: How many calories can I burn hula hooping? A: You can pretty much burn a minimum of 210 calories per 30 minute session. The test subjects in that study were new hoopers and the better you get the more “active” you are while hooping which increases your caloric burn. Numerous people have done personal tests that have delivered stats as high as 600 calories an hour, but that’s based entirely on self reporting and not scientific study.

Q: Can you lose weight hula hooping? A: We personally know many hoopers that have lost weight hooping.’s Founder Philo Hagen lost 50 pounds. We know people who have lost over 100 pounds. So in a nutshell – absolutely.

Q: I started hooping and have bruises. Is this normal?: A: It is for a lot of people, but read this for more information. Generally speaking once the bruises go away you will most likely never have them again. It’s an odd sort of “right of passage” of hooping and I’m not quite sure why we get them initially and then not at all. Taking a break to let them heal is a good idea. Exceptions can happen if you’re a) using a heavily weighted hoop (generally the labels with those things warn you not to use them for more than ten minutes a day for a reason) or if you have anemia or a condition causing you to bruise really easy. The vast majority of the time though it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Q: I’m thinking about starting a hoop business of my own. What should I call it? A: Check out our Hooping Names Directory for performers and businesses so you can be sure you’re not choosing a name that is already in use. encourages you not to choose one that is even confusingly similar – that’s what the directory is there for.

Q: How do I advertise on A: You can find out here.

Q: I want to nominate a video or photo or tutorial, etc, to appear on How do I do that? A: You can find that out over here.

Q: My question wasn’t answered. How do I contact

5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

  1. Because I have fibromyalgia, I bruise really bad. We’re talking deep dark purple and sometimes white. I’m a scientist, so I was skeptical about arnica gel and the claims that were made, but I’m going to post a treated and untreated photo. This stuff is truly amazing! If I slather it on right after hooping, I barely have a bruise. It also helps with the pain. Amazon has a 3 pack of 6 oz each that is only $10, cheaper than I’ve been able to find any store. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

  2. I’m trying to find a hoop that would work for the old-fashioned sport of “hoop rolling” for my daughter. The hula hoops I find in stories don’t work for this. Does anything like this exist anymore?

    1. I haven’t seen anything specific to hoop rolling, no. But most of the advertisers on make custom hoops and most use polyethylene tubing which is thicker and heavier than what you’re going to find in a toy store. Perhaps one of them can make you something that would work.

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