2014: The Greatest Hooping Hits of the Year

The Year in Hooping by Philo Hagen

While most web sites and publications seem to do their big Year End Wrap Up at the beginning of December, our inclination has always been to wait until the year is actually over and the new one has officially begun. For starters, some really cool stuff can still roll our way during those final weeks of the year, right? Then, of course, we also have our annual Hoopie Awards celebration to consider. The Hoopies are, in fact, something pretty special. They enlist hooping community input every step of the way. There’s something very cool when you’re being acknowledged by your peers. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily infallible though.

Sometimes things we really think should have been more popular aren’t. Sometimes once things are quite popular they’re met with a certain ambivalence. Does that mean their popularity shouldn’t be acknowledged though? Absolutely not! So every year at about this time we step inside our hoops, spin ‘em in reverse and rewind the clock for a look back at the hooping year that was, the greatest hits, and we take another look at some very cool stuff we found to be worthy of more recognition than it received.

We all know the 2015 Hoopie Award nominees by now, but let’s first take a look at what was really big this past year. 2014 may very well be remembered as the year non-hoopers realized how hot hooping actually is, and tried to spin up some of that heat for themselves. While most weren’t that successful, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were the exception. Their GoPro Hulacam video not only went viral, it went super mega viral, racking up a staggering 1,979,391 views, which easily made it YouTube’s #1 Hooping Video of 2014. Only two other videos this year even surpassed the 1 million mark. American hoop dancer Rachael Lust’s video “Groove” captured a staggering 1,665,068 views, while American YouTube personality Tyler Oakley spread the word that hooping with larger adult sized hoops is in, thanks to Jess Wagstrom, and scored a whopping 1,170,938 views himself. What were the other biggest hooping videos on YouTube for 2014? Let’s find out.


1. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: GoPro Hulacam – 1,979,391 views.
2. Rachael Lust: Groove – 1,665,068 views.
3. Tyler Oakley: Hula Hooping For Adults – 1,170,938 views.
4. Cheri Keewi hoops to Sexual Eruption – Conservatively estimated at 750,000 views.
5. Coral Jade: GoPro: 30 Hoop Hula – 508,938 views.
6. Audrey Scherer: Ten Best Hooping Tricks – 342,341 views.
7. Rachael Lust: This Is How We Hoop – 198,820 views
8. Caitlin “Isopuppy” Hofer: Double Hoops – 113,754
9. Kelsey Bolt: GoPro Epic Hula Hoop Footage – 76,118
10. Rochelle Pangilinan on TV in the Philippines – 72,004 views

It was also another epic year for Hooping.org itself. We racked up 2,290,466 hits during 2014 from 1,575,767 visitors. We’d like to thank everyone out there for making all the incredible videos, tutorials, photos and more that we’ve had the honor and privilege to share this year. And what were our biggest hits of 2014? You’re about to find out. For the sake of simplicity we took into consideration only data from hooping.org’s pages itself, rather than trying to include all of our social networks. We’ve got Hooping.org’s top 25 features, videos, tutorials and photos for you, as well as our 2015 Hoopie Award Honorable Mentions lists. So here’s what rocked hooping.org the hardest in 2014 and the stuff we loved that may not have scored a Hoopie Award nomination, but is totally worth a second look.


1. Hoopie Awards 2014: Rock The Vote – 4572 Points
2. Hooping Idol 4: Hip Hop Week – 2173 Points
3. Hoopie Awards 2014: Our Winners – 1958 Points
4. Hooping Idol 4: High Society Week – 1461 Points
5. Hooping Idol 4: Classic Rock Week – 1451 Points
6. Hooping Idol 4: Our Season Finale – 1351 Points
7. Hooping Idol 4: Musicals Week – 1339 Points
8. Hooping.org’s 30/30 Fall Fun & Fitness Challenge – 1257 Points
9. Hooping Idol 4: Meet The Contestants – 1240 Points
10. Hooping Idol 4: Performance Week – 1027 Points
11. Meet The New Infinite Loop Laser Hoop – 981 Points
12. Rachael Lust on the Queen Latifah Show – 903 Points
13. The Spring Fling 30/30 Hooping Challenge – 878 Points
14. Ten Great Reasons to Always Bring Your Hoop by Philo Hagen – 736 Points
15. Hooping Idol 4: Casting Week Begins – 795 Points
16. Curvy Hoopers Challenge 2014: Our Winners – 617 Points
17. Hooping: Do It For Your Brain by Jenny Hill – 595 Points
18. 2013: The Hooping Year in Review – 586 Points
19. Hooping Idol 4: Finale Results Show – 584 Points
20. How To Develop Your Own Hoop Style in 9 Easy Steps by Matthias Elliott – 574 Points
21. So What is a Hooper Exactly? by Megan “Sati Flow” Smith – 539 Points
22. Katie Sunshine’s Hoop Dance with Jerrod Niemann – 517 Points
23. Martin Kimbell’s LED Hula Hoop Photography Goes Viral by Lilea Duran – 515 Points
24. Hooping Woke My Body Up! by Jenny Hill – 498 Points
25. The Art of Body Rocking Hoop Dance by Philo Hagen – 498 Points

Obviously the Hoopie Awards and Hooping Idol 4 were gigantic again this year. Katie Sunshine spinning her hooping into a big star’s country music video with hooping was priceless. Martin Kimbell’s photography truly captivated us. There’s plenty of good stuff in our Top 25 features for you to check out, and you might also want to consider revisiting the following:


1. Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Surprise Hooping Master: Even if you aren’t a fan of the hit television comedy, the hooping plot line that hit the show this year was not to be missed.

2. The Hooping Life DVD is Finally Here: While The Hooping Life documentary wasn’t eligible for the promotional Hoopie award (because the film release had already won it) the release of the DVD was very happy news indeed.

3. Shipping Hula Hoops: How to Mail a Hula Hoop 101: Amanda Townsell got the skinny on shipping hula hoops from the people that do it all the time, and in several countries. The advice proved invaluable.

4. Hooping on Game of Thrones: While the scene itself may have been brief, when hooping spun it’s way on to one of our favorite television shows this year we couldn’t have been more excited.

5. Dallas Arcand’s Hoop Dancing Circular Life: Natalie Kane’s interview with the 3-time World Champion Hoop Dancer was chock full of good stuff to think about.


1. Hooping With Dad with Faith Mahoney – 1992 Points
2. Caterina Suttin: Perfect Timing – 1061 Points
3. Tiana Zoumer: Keep on Breathing – 739 Points
4. Trevor Spring’s Impressive Hoop Dance Debut – 649 Points
5. Double Hoops: Mini Hoop Tech with Caitlin Hofer – 586 Points
6. A 37 Weeks Pregnant LED Hoop Dance with Jannae Palovich – 494 Points
7. Ricardo Trejo’s Impressive Debut – 465 Points
8. Anna Fischer’s Kickass Hooping.org Debut – 458 Points
9. Hooping It Up with Katie Sunshine – 456 Points
10. Pamela Crawford’s On Fire – 421 Points
11. Ayumi Mitake: Hoop Dance with Cherry Blossoms – 386 Points
12. Michele Harris: Six Months a Hooper – 378 Points
13. Spinning Circles with Kaydi McMahan – 360 Points
14. Mika Machalek Hooping at the Uyuni Salt Flats – 324 Points
15. Vita Radionova’s Hula Hoop Performance – 315 Points
16. Multi-Technical Hooping with Evan Davis – 314 Points
17. Michele Clark Performs at the GOP in Bremen – 313 Points
18. A Hooping Manipulation Dance with Honey – 300 Points
19. Grace Good: Lotus Heart – 300 Points
20. Hoop Dance Jamming with Alexis Collier – 288 Points
21. One Year Hoopiversary with Angela O’Keefe – 284 Points
22. Blizzard Hooping with Bonnie MacDougall – 283 Points
23. Jade Dusaaults Epic Hula Hooping Video – 279 Points
24. Hooping For Heart with Candace Chapman – 268 Points
25. Aaron Wolfsteller – 267 Points

Faith’s video was so sweet, it’s no wonder everybody loved it, while Jade took us by storm and left us reeling in amazement. Ayumi dazzled us with her annual cherry blossoms video in the spring, and Michele knocked our socks off with one of the most captivating performances of the year. Anna, Ricardo, and Trevor all delivered very impressive debuts this year on hooping.org, but some of the other great videos this year that didn’t rack up the points or score a hoopie award nomination are:


1. Dylan T Bradley: Magick – While he may have scored a Hoopie Award nomination for a photo this year, his real winner was this truly magical video filmed in Maui in collaboration with Alexander Sasha Nitze.

2. Crow Hoopdance with Elena Leontiva – It’s slow, dark, long, it’s presented in black and white, but those who took the time to really sit down and watch this were in for something nothing short of pure art.

3. Heather Gregoire and Friends: A Chorus Line – One of our favorite memories of Hooping Idol 4 this year came during Musicals Week and watching this one has made us smile again and again.

4. Jenny Marie: Black Betty – Jenny’s submission for Hooping Idol 4’s Classic Rock Week was so creative, hilarious and chock full of great moves, all while paying tribute to a great hoop dance tubing classic.

5. Kartikasari Klaresta: Tika Hoop at Totem Bight – While promoting Native Alaskan traditional music with her Indonesian fusion hoop dance performance project, Tika set out to honor the dying language of Yup’ik.

6. Kelsey Lynn Antevasin: What Does The Fox Say About Hooping? – Sure, the song was way overplayed and done by the time this video rolled in, but it’s sooooo good. She did a really great job and we loved it.

7. Matthias Elliott: There Are No Words – There really are no words for how awesome this video is and how much of an impact it made on our hooping year. A few that do come to mind though are raw, beautiful and powerful.

8. Paola Berton: Hula Hoop in Arambol, Goa: Tall palm trees, beautiful lines, dynamic speed changes, effortless flow, graceful weaves, all of it shot in an awesome location.

9. Piers van Looy: Hoop Vol 1 – Piers made his hooping.org debut with something so fun and fresh it captivated us from start to finish. In addition to Anna, Ricardo and Trevor above, keep an eye on this guy.

10. V-Day with Revolva – While spinning up what is probably her most impressive hooping video to date, she also spun up a powerful message at Oakland’s City Hall aimed at ending violence against women.


1. Twerking Leads to Unicorn Hooping with Hoopalicious, Katie Holt McClain & Sirkka Aho – 523 Points
2. Katie Emmitt: How to Make a Push Button Collapsible Hula Hoops – 334 Points
3. How to Make a LED Hula Hoop with Matt Tollow – 321 Points
4. How to Butt Hoop with Jannae Palovich – 253 Points
5. The Dynamic Twist With Alexis “Dizzy Dynamic” Collier – 250 Points
6. The Canuck Combo with Babz Robinson – 244 Points
7. Vertical Shoulder Hooping with Valdemar Skov – 237 Points
8. The Rotating Chest Roll with Melina Bear – 226 Points
9. Foot Hooping with Caroleeena – 219 Points
10. The Foldicopter with Emma Kenna – 207 Points
11. The Contact Roll with Kassandra Morrison – 191 Points
12. Corkscrew Hoop Dance Combination with Che Rippinger – 190 Points
13. The Magic Knee Flip with Sonora Larson – 186 Points
14. Hooping Isolation Combination with Morgan Jenkins – 185 Points
15. Monkey Crosses The Bridge with Richie Isaacs – 184 Points
16. Hand Spins with Louisa Hula – 177 Points
17. How to Wear Your Music in Your Hair for Hooping – 167 Points
18. One Hand Hoop Isolation Tutorial with Erika Radcliffe – 166 Points
19. Back Swing Jump Through with Deanne Love – 165 Points
20. Behind the Back Elbow Duck-in with Ali Williams – 164 Points
21. Double Wrap Escalator Tutorial with Kassandra Morrison – 164 Points
22. The Tasty Freeze with Emily Jane Perkulator – 158 Points
23. Toss Into a Chest Roll with Jordan Robbins – 154 Points
24. How to Make a Memorial Hula Hoop with Yvonne Downing – 153 Points
25. Tone Your Arms with Hooping with Donna Sparx – 153 Points

There’s such a great roster of instructional above, what other tutorials this year deserve an honorable mention from us? Why these five of course.


1. Alley Oop Jump In with Hoopsie Daisy – Though Hoopsie Daisy’s Susan Lucci status with the Hoopie Awards came to an end this year when this great tutorial failed to score a nomination, she truly remains a great instructor.

2. Chest Hooping and Boobs with Cat Jameson – When women with a nice rack tell you they’re unable to chest hoop simply because of all their voluptuousness, be sure to show them this great tutorial from Cat.

3. Knee and Thigh Breaks with JJ Hula: He schooled us on knee and thigh breaking and spun up some impressive demonstrations all along the way.

4. Behind The Back Waist Wraps with Jasmine Kienne – Jasmine’s a truly underrated instructor and this particular tutorial was probably her best this year.

5. The Leg Sweeping Wedgie with Merrily Spins – She pretty much knocked it out of the ball park in teaching us how to do a cool move she’s pretty well known for and this tutorial needs to be more noticed and remembered.


1. Nikki Hunt Spins New York Amaluna Opening – 458 Points
2. Spinning Multiple LED Hoops with Lisa Lottie – 442 Points
3. Ciara Blossom and Noah Shipley – 411 Points
4. Eucaly Murakami – 334 Points
5. Hooping Splashdown with Kristina Sutcliffe – 303 Points
6. Alice Snazz – 299 Points
7. Rolling Doubles with Caitlin “Isopuppy” Hofer – 298 Points
8. Alli McCracken – 294 Points
9. Hooping in the Ice Castles with Jena Schlosser – 277 Points
10. Heather Mia Says – 260 Points
11. Hooping with Sitara Bird – 254 Points
12. Electric Daisy Carnival Hooping with Angelina Rose – 252 Points
13. Ciara Blossom – 251 Points
14. Brecken Rivara Soars at Italian Hoop Connection – 249 Points
15. Caitlin Isopuppy Hofer – 247 Points
16. Sword Hooping with Laurel Richie – 236 Points
17. LED Hooping with Emma Kenna – 224 Points
18. Hooping at Coachella with Cameron Doss – 223 Points
19. Ali Wilson Spins a Unique Hula Hoop – 222 Points
20. Hanakekua Kekaulike – 220 Points
20. Shamay Hooping at Boom with Goayandi – 217 Points
21. Jazmin Jade, Molly Mac and Danielle Heady Cat – 216 Points
22. Amber Lane – 215 Points
23. Hooping with KANA – 211 Points
24. Michelle Bell – 204 Points
25. Pamela Crawford – 202 Points

With all of the incredible pictures above that rocked hooping.org this year, what others do we think are worthy of extra attention as well?


1. Angela Pendleton: Hooping with Angela Pendleton: Jump shots are always tricky and this one of Angela couldn’t be more perfect.

2. Brenda Fage: A Smoky Hoop Dance Smile – Hoopers know how hard it is to get this shot, especially with something so ominous going on in the background.

3. Cadence Clare Feeley – Normally behind the camera, this black and white rooftop shot with a stunning sky stuck with us all year long.

4. Caroline Sanchez: Smiling Through Her Hula Hoop – There’s something so magical about this photo that it’s no wonder it ever so narrowly missed a Hoopie Award nomination this year.

5. Cristina Rainflower Holt: Burlesque Hooping – We love everything about this photo and capturing it all after dark with all the artificial light surrounding her is truly impressive.

6. Electric Fairies at the Goddess Glowlight Party – We were surprised not to see this great macro hooping shot of the Electric Fairies nominated for an award this year. It’s nothing short of perfection.

7. Hannah Mendelson: Hoop Dance in the Mayan City of Tikal – This would be a great photo even if she wasn’t spinning things up in such an incredible location.

8. Natalie Vaughan: Celestial Hooping with Natalie Vaughan – Often behind the camera as well, this night time mini-hooping shot just narrowly missed a Hoopie Award nomination this year as well.

9. Ninja Hoops: Hooping with Zach Fischer and Marria Grace – These two are always great to watch and when the moment captured is this good, it’s nothing short of amazing.

10. Samantha Rodgers: Hooping in Alaska – Spinning things up surrounded by such incredible natural beauty made this great shot a total winner in our book this year.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.



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